Taking Time To Reflect

During Advent, a time of preparedness, we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of decorating our homes, scouring the malls and department stores to buy gifts to place under our decorated trees in our homes. Preparing festive foods to share with family and friends. Many have a feeling of being overwhelmed at times by all that we attempt to do to celebrate our most precious of gifts. What we are doing is loosing focus on the real reason for this time of year.
We should try to emulate Elijah and John the Baptist and do all that we can do to seek to do God’s will. Both were simple men, that loved God. They lived a life of repentance, often feeling alone, but knew in their hearts that they were preparing for someone greater to come.
While it is customary of the times we live to get lost somehow in the hustle and the bustle of the days leading up to the birth of our Savior, we should try to sit aside the many distractions we face and focus on the absolute truth as the very core of our Advent celebration. It really isn’t about all the gifts, the many decorations but what truly matters is that we seek to do God’s will.
Seeking to do God’s will is a calling in a sense. This calling was embraced by both Elijah and John the Baptist, it is often seen as something hard and something very simple. To paraphrase..”it’s simple because it isn’t a call to do a lot more, it is a call to do what we should do with a pure and humble heart. But this is why it is harder. Nothing is more demanding, in a sense, than making sure that our every thought and deed gives glory and honor to the Lord.
So in the days that lie ahead as we await the coming our Our Lord, make it a point to find a quiet space where you can reflect and spend time with Jesus. Let everything in our midst that distracts us from the real reason for this season fall away and bask in his presence. Take the time to let him know that you are here and let the reality of his presence fill you. Let him know that you are here…….

“Jesus, I love you. Help me to tune out everything else and focus on your love and your presence.”



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5 responses to “Taking Time To Reflect

  1. Kevin

    Read post. I will try and remember to do this.

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  4. T.

    Erica, profound words on preparing not only for Christ’s birth but His second return. These times are the Advent of our lives. Preparing for Jesus Christ always. Will be following and reading your thoughts. They will truly help inspire me to put God into my hectic schedule more often.

  5. Pete

    Every day and in every way I try my best to emulate those lives in the Bible that show us the simplicity and the joy of a life in Jesus Christ. But I constantly find myself battling the same temptation. Lately I feel as if I am being constantly pummeled and yet I find it nearly impossible to avoid. I feel I’m letting God down but at the same time I know its a natural human desire, but the strength of this desire is overwhelming. It’s something I never thought I would experience again. All I can do is pray for guidance and protection. I can also thank God for waking me up and letting me realize life is still there and He made it for us to enjoy.

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