~ Trusting Him ~

Many years ago I found this prayer in a second hand shop, I love antiques and was drawn to this prayer as it orignially had hung in the mother house of the Sisters of Charity in Nazareth Ky. I was facing a very grave medical issue and hung this prayer still hanging on my wall reading it daily many times over and still do! I truly believe it was my undying Faith that brought me through my illness and I want to share with you today in hopes that it too impacts your life in such a positive way that it did mine.. “Lord hear our prayers


Trust him when dark doubts assail thee, Trust Him when thy strength is small, Trust Him when to simply Trust Him seems the hardest thing of all.
Trust Him, he is ever faithful, Trust Him, His dear will is best, Trust Him, for the Heart of Jesus is thy surest place of rest.
Trust Him, then in storm and sunshine…All they cares upon Him cast, till the term of life is over and thy trusting days are past.
“Sacred Heart of Jesus in Thee I place my Trust”

May God Bless you and I pray this prayer will lead you to find peace within your heart and soul…



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3 responses to “~ Trusting Him ~

  1. Christine Ward Spaulding

    The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, taught at Archbishop Williams High School where I graduated in 1960. Sister Emily Ann, Sister Gertrude, Sister Ignatius Loyola…so many wonderful nuns tried to teach me how to live a life of faith. The poem/prayer TRUST HIM was one I carried for decades as a young child and into adulthood.

  2. Pete

    Erica, that is a wonderful prayer. I myself had a challenge thrown my way and knew the only way I would prevail was if God was with me. I prayed too, but I was not as fortunate as you. You found this wonderful prayer to help you through. God bless.

  3. Pete

    You are so blessed Erica. You know the love of a good family and you obviously have a close relationship with God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother. I’m certain that when you stand before God at the judgement throne that He will say, “Welcome my true and faithful servant”.

    But, I hope you’ll pray for me, because unlike you God has me head over heels in love with a woman who doesn’t even believe I know who she really is. But, unfortunately for me I can see exactly who she is. Unlike you, she’s self-centered, filled with hate and animosity and she has an unforgiving heart. She says she’s Catholic, which is Christian I believe, and yet she lives in an online social media world filled with sexual innuendo, debauchery, sinfulness, hedonism, foul language, suggestive jokes and pictures, some recipes and an occasional prayer when she needs something. I’m sure the naked selfie will be coming next. She has all these male ‘friends’ who only hang around for the entertainment, to see what outlandish or kinky thing she may do or say next. She’s become their carnival act. I’m sure her family cringes at the descriptions of showers and baths that used to occur regularly to the glee of the assembled multitude. She even suggested on Twitter that she’d provide a film of herself in the bath to the thousands who follow her. She’s become a social media exhibitionist willing to share whatever may illicit a like, a favorite or a retweet. I’m sure a lot of folks just shake their heads when they see the word Catholic in her profile. I don’t know if she has any self respect left to quantify. She’s become a pseudo-Catholic, a sham and a charlatan, a Catholic and a Christian impostor, a fake and a pretender. Her shamelessly immoral life masked in a pretense of religion and faith brought on by the pain, suffering, hurt, humiliation and anger she experienced earlier in her life. I wish she could see what she’s become, I wish she would start to spend more time with the Bible, prayer, the Rosary, Mass and Church than she does online. I pray for her from the time my eyes open until God grants me some sleep. I say two different Novenas for her every day. I say 2-3 Rosaries for her every day. I offer up Mass for her every day. I pray for her to The Holy Trinity, The Blessed Mother and all the Angels and Saints each and every day.
    She doesn’t believe God has anything to do with my love for her. Let me ask you Erica, you seem like an intelligent woman, what man in his right mind would choose to be in love with a woman who lives 700 miles away, wants nothing to do with him, hates, despises and loathes him, won’t truly and completely forgive him and has told him she wants NO contact with him. Life would be so much easier if God would just release me from this ridiculous love. But every time I try, every time I ask Him to reconsider, He puts even more love for her into my heart. Please, if you can, add a prayer in your heart for us. That she may see her way back to a better life in God, Jesus Christ and Mary and that I have this understanding, patience, forgiveness and love for her when she does.

    See Erica, your life is truly blessed compared to others. Unlike her, you are so close to God, Jesus and Mary. I can hear it in your writing. I wish you would write on this blog more often, I miss it. You can’t fake the feelings, emotions and faith that come through your stories. God bless you and thank you so much for sharing the ‘Trust Him’ prayer, it along with the love of a forgiving Father has saved me.

    Thanks for listening, I needed that.
    God bless you and yours,


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