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The Word Comes Alive

I was delighted to have found out about a new audio Bible from a friend on twitter. This was the brainchild of Carl Amari and it’s his, “fervent prayer“….

As you listen to the life-giving Word of God, you will find peace for your soul, rest for your mind, joy for your heart, and a renewed and empowered faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This audio set contains 22 hours on 18 CDs and features voices of internationally renowned actors with original music score and sound effects. Brian Cox is the voice of God, Neal McDonough as Jesus and Julia Ormond as Mary, Mother of God. The audio set comes with a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI [paraphrased]

We must always look for the Word within the words. Therefore, exegesis, the true reading of Holy Scripture, is not only a literary phenomenon, not only reading a text. It is a movement of my existence. Only by conforming ourselves to the Mystery of God, to the Lord who is the Word, can we enter within the Word, can we truly find the Word of God in human words. Let us pray to the Lord that he may help us search the word, not only with our intellect but also with our entire existence.

I strongly recommend you purchase a set for you or to give as a gift as there is no greater gift than the Word of God.


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