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Christmas Jug of Memories

Memories, in my opinion is another example of God’s love for us. The photo above symbolizes such a memory. It is not the “jug” that is the memorable aspect but it’s content. As a child I couldn’t wait to go to my maternal grandparents farm, located in rural Kentucky to celebrate Christmas. There wasn’t the fancy decorated trees with all the trappings. My grandpa would scour the farm and find a pine tree suitable to bring home to decorate. The tree had garland and tinsel, ornaments adorned the branches. Underneath the tree we found boxes of assorted fruits, nuts and candies. Grandpa loved peppermint or candy canes and we were delighted when we were able to find him the humongous logs of peppermint for him to chisel and hearing his laughter as we clambered about with excitement of the coming day as family would gather to enjoy each other but also enjoy the many joys my dear Grandma would be conjuring up inside her “country kitchen.”
The “joy” I most looked forward too is pictured above; Grandma’s boiled custard, a recipe that has been handed down from one generation to another. In my child-like eyes of those days, there was nothing in comparison! She would gather eggs from her hen house and would spend hours standing at the stove stirring her custard with the love of only a Grandma could muster.
Those days are long gone as my Grandparents have been called home and the days of enjoying her boiled custard is but a memory embedded in the mind of that child that once was.
For years I have bought the store bought version of the boiled custard to relive that childhood memory that we so often resort to at times of great celebrations only to find it paled in comparison, quality and yes…taste!
This Christmas, however, God worked one of his many miracles in my life. Maybe he had seen the tears, felt the pain in my heart as I longed for those days of yesteryear.
In many ways God’s love has a trickle down effect. Meaning that it is His love for us, that he gave us each our own Mothers and Fathers to nurture us and see us through the many challenges we face a long our way in life. Like Mary as she guided her son Jesus through his early years, my Mom was very focused on our up bringing and she too felt many of the same joys and sorrows of Our Lady. Yet through all those times of joys and sorrow her love for me was affirmed in the most special of ways.
Knowing of my great love for not only my Grandparents and how I missed those Christmases of days gone by, she recreated my Grandma’s boiled custard and surprised me with this “jug” Christmas Eve. I can’t begin to describe the emotion that flooded me in that moment, the moment in which I laid eyes upon this jug filled with the memories of days gone by but of the love that was contained in this “jug.” Not only was I given the gift of affirmation of my own Mother’s love but for a brief moment, I felt the presence of my Grandma’s love, a love that I now know lives for an eternity……

Heavenly Father, help me to bring your love into my family. I don’t want to stand outside the flow of your grace!


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